Amphora 230 liter

The amphora can be used for fermentation and/or ageing.

Detailed information about this product


The amphora can be used for fermentation and/or ageing.

Technical info

Height98 cm
Width71 cm
Weight88 kg
The capacity of the amphora may vary slightly due to the artisan production methods

3D rendering

Technical drawing

The extra options

< Flat lid inox

 This lid is very practical and easy to use.

Terracotta lid >

 This lid is easy to use and provides very good thermal insulation.

< Glass lid

This lid is made out of 12 mm tempered glass, which gives good thermal insulation and is very hygienic.

In Georgia the glass lid has been the favourite method for closing the qvevri for a long time.

Airlock acryl >

Carbon dioxide can escape while air cannot enter (avoiding oxidation).

Sunken lid inox >

The advantage of the sunken lid is that the amphora can be filled completely and closed airtight easily with almost no risk of leakage.

< Inox lid with cooling element

 This system can be connected to a temperature control system.

< Tasting tap in the middle

 You can taste easily without opening the lid.

Tap under >

The tap connection has a standard size of DN40 (1 ½ inch) but this can be adjusted on request.

We can provide also several types of taps on request.

Tilting rack >

The tilting rack can be used for multiple purposes:

  1. After fermentation and racking, tilting the amphora makes it easier to take out the pomace.
  2. Cleaning the bottom part with a high pressure cleaner is easier in horizontal position.
  3. The last liquid left after cleaning or pumping can be poured out easily
  4. The amphora can be tilted upside down for draining and drying easily

< Shovel

After fermentation and racking this shovel makes it easy to take out the remains. To use with the tilting system.

< Pallet acacia

 Strong pallet made from durable acacia wood.

Inox pallet >

 Very strong, hygienic and user friendly pallet (easy to clean).

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