Our story

25 years ago

Two Belgians met each other for the first time 25 years ago in the lively city of Pécs in the south of Hungary.

At that time Pieter Leemans was developing his terracotta company Terra Ungheria and exporting mainly to Belgium and the Netherlands. Today Terra Ungheria produces terracotta products for Domani, a world class manufacturer of high quality terracotta with many clients all over the world. Winemaking is the second passion of Pieter and he has been a winemaker for over 20 years in the wine region Pécs in the south of Hungary.

Emanuel Van Melkebeke spent 4 wonderful years in Hungary and got involved in the Hungarian wine world. He returned to Belgium and started the company Roi des Rois which imports artisan wines from Hungary and neighbouring countries, fresh truffles and wild mushrooms of high quality. Today Roi des Rois works together with the top gastronomy in Belgium. Emanuel has been trained as a winemaker at Syntra in Belgium and prefers the pure style of winemaking.

Pieter Leemans

Emanuel Van Melkebeke

A few years ago

Emanuel and Pieter met again a few years ago because of their common passion: wines without make-up.

The most ancient and purest form of winemaking uses amphorae where clay plays an essential role. Clay is the oldest known ceramic material. The birth and ageing of wine in a vessel made from clay has the advantage that there is no taste influence from the vessel while maturation takes place.

Pieter and Emanuel decided to start together The Hungarian Amphora Project in which they produce contemporary amphorae of high quality with practical options for winemakers, brewers and other producers. The amphorae can be custom made to fit the request of the producer.